Our Mission

We inspire:

Over the years as people’s psychology has changed over the choice of careers that there is for grabs and the technological advance that is going full throttle, we felt that the things necessary for a propelling career were already there but somewhere the children from this generation lack the fire that the older generation had.

We realized that the reasons for this are two. Firstly, these children belong to a generation where the parents have strived to give them the best of all comforts if not luxuries and therefore they are evidently lacking in the will and motive to be outstanding. There is complacency that has kicked into the households and schools where children seem to have got everything and therefore the will to excel is missing!

Secondly, we think inspite of having best technologies at their disposal; children are not being inspired to do great things. There is a lacuna on the right information even though paradoxically we live in a world full of information thanks to internet in big part.

And that I why we decided to help:

We bring out various tutorials on our website along with literature and videos on it. Every week or a couple of weeks, we take our viewers on a new journey, a journey of learning a new skill. We also do a segment on the scope of learning that skill and the industry remuneration standards that are presently prevalent.

Apart from this, we also recommend the universities or polytechnic institution that offer full time courses or part time diplomas in such fields.

We have received encouragement from all quarters:

We have got heartening reviews from youngsters, teaching community and the parents and our subscription is increasing by leaps and bounds. It is really encouraging to know that our mission to be able to throw some light on career paths that can be taken and shone is being received with as much enthusiasm as we are infused with in bringing it out for our audience.