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Gone are the days when career choices were conventional and so limited that you could count them on your fingers. Those were the days that every second person in high school aspired to take either science, arts or math. There was not too much experimentation and life as you can imagine could have been boring!

Cut to today!

With enormous strides being made in every field and especially in technology, there have evolved various fields where one person can learn something new and make a career out of it. The options are so many that the converse is true now. A boy or a girl in high school today would be confused which course he or she would like to take to be able to shine in it.

Technology is here to stay:

Worried parents may argue that since technology is ephemeral their children must do something that is conventional such as medicine or law which never goes out of fashion, but the children as I am sure beg to disagree. For one that technology is changing but at the same time it is ever evolving too. A person who makes a career out of technology is not going to be stuck with the obsolete one but will indeed move with the times and adopt newer and better technologies as and when it evolves!

Have you heard about digital illustration?

The other day, I had to drop in to deliver an article at the newspaper office. While I waited for my journo friend to call me in, I was a young girl trying to draw something on her tablet PC while her gaze was fixated at her laptop screen. Since it got me curious, I tried to go behind her to see what exactly she was up to. And then I was zapped!

She was drawing a picture:

This girl was actually using her stylus or a digital pen to draw on hr tablet that was kept on her desk and it was pointing to her computer screen and the results of her drawing on the tab she could view on the big screen. I kept wondering how precise the drawing was and it was all thanks to the digital pen that she was wielding. Years ago, I remember how I used to struggle with a mouse trying to draw a decent image on the screen using the Microsoft Paint software, now that which has been even waved goodbye.

So, have you been savvy with the pencil?

If you have been your art teacher’s favorite student and you think that you can wield a pencil on paper like a magic wand to transform the plain landscape into something to behold the eyes, digital illustration may well be the right career path for you on https://expertsknowbest.com/.

But don’t think it can come easy!

It may look like a child’s play and it may sound like something you have always taken for granted, but digital illustration, my friend is just not too easy like it may sound. You need to be extremely good at it as in be able to draw and understand the mathematic of a good picture but most important is that you must have an undying passion for the work that you do. Indeed, if you have all these, there is only one more thing that you will need to really get started – a tablet computer.

The Tab:

A tablet is a pre requisite in this field. There is absolutely no need to have the latest and the snazziest one, but even a humble one which you bought for a steal will be good. You will need to learn the art with great dedication if you want to be good enough to be able to earn bread and butter out of it. You can even mint money here if you show unflinching desire to work hard inspite of odds.

Learning Photoshop:

There is no doubt that to become a digital illustrator, you must have passion for software applications. Photoshop is a good place to begin with. Learning this pixel based software first before you plunge in to the world of illustration is a great step. Also, you must be a ready learner. Getting inspired from the people whom you look up to is just not enough but you must strive to continuously do hard work in order to better yourself each time and every time and strive to become the best in whatever you do.

The tricks:

Once your foundation in the field is strong enough, there is no stopping you. You will learn all the tricks of the trade as you advance in your career. Try to imbibe the best from other’s work and also build a super work ethics around yourself. There is no point becoming somebody’s duplicate; you will need to strive and become an original because an original always has more face value than a copy!